About me:

I picked up the camera in February of 2011 and haven't put it down since! I have a passion for fashion photography, but alot of work up till now has been music and nightlife. I've shot for many bands, festivals, dj's, hundreds of events and private parties, birthday parties, event promoters and sponsors, and the like. 

My work has been featured or used in articles or blogs for many dj's and artists in the US, and many websites, including xoVain.com, Earmilk.com, LFTF.com, maddecent.com, RedBull.com, and Keep Austin Stylish. On paper, my music work has been featured in Austere Magazine. 

Mentionable companies/organizations I've shot events/contracted for: Shout it out loud music (NYC), Sxsw Inc., Sirius Radio, Trojan Condoms, Bumble, Red Bull Music, CHEF.io, Smart Car Usa, Dell inc., body high/sound pellegrino, Transmission Entertainment/Fun Fun Fun Fest, No Play music, Birds Barbershop, The Bakery, Applied Pressure. Ulovei (ATX)

A few comments from clients and fans:

"Yo man these are crazy good, I'm blown away." -C

"Your photos are the shit." -James

"A man who explores his own vision in nightlife photography, and one I've always looked up to. Someone with an agenda... a vision in a scene that often overlooks individuality and favors quantity - his style is unique as shit; he captures what and who he wants to / how he wants to and then edits it as so. Even after the years I've followed him, he's still kept that pizzaz about him, he's doing it for the right reasons." -Gina

"The photos are amazingggg! Thank you so much!!" - Samantha Bowman, XM Radio

"These are amazing. I can't thank you enough for capturing all of these. I can't tell you how much I love them."- Autumn

"HOLY FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Dang man. Un-fucking-believable. We are floored. Thank you so much man these photos are unreal. You are so talented."- DJ Left Right

"I'm such a fan of your work, it's dark and haunting but beautiful at the same time" - Anna

"love your work!" - Uniform Recordings
"I love your style of photography. My poorly worded review will do it no justice. Personally, you have captured sides of me at different venues that I appreciate. They aren't really just photos you capture; they are moments, attitudes, emotions, and feelings. You have captured so many sides of my personality via your photography and might not even know it! I never tire of looking through your albums and feel the energy in each photo you capture." - Elizabeth

"love the photos! your amazing!" - Justin

"another level." - motif dallas

"Dope!" - Chris

"Love the style! keep up the freaky stuff!" Elias

"Thanks for making us all look so fabulous!" -Irene

"AMAZING." -DJ Sober

"Thanks for the dope ass photos." -T.J
"Amazing Photographer!!" - David

"I am a Spanish photographer, I just wanted to congratulate you on your great work, love it. congratulations." -from valencia

"Really diggin your style." - R

"I love the pictures! You're really talented. I would love to use you again in the near future with turntables. Thank you so much. I hope you have a great weekend." - Josh R

"Just wanted to confirm that I received your wetransfer link and have successfully downloaded the photos – they look SO great! Totally on brand with our company. Thanks again!" Sara S

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